What plants are able to grow in my climate?
Caring for a houseplant
Types of soil and plant growth
Identifying plants database
Useful tools for a new gardener
Flowers + their meanings
//for a sick planty//
Common plant diseases
I over- watered my plant
Identifying plant diseases
My plant is wilting
I can’t tell what’s wrong with my plant
Planning a vegetable garden
Garden upkeep tips
Types of fertilizer
5 tips for weeding your garden
//pest control//
Safe, nontoxic pest control tips
Natural methods to deter garden pests
Alternatives to pesticides 
//seasonal flowers//
Plants that flower in winter
The five best flowers for summer gardens
//seasonal fruits + veggies//
What fruits & veggies are in season right now?
Recipes for winter vegetables + fruits
Recipes for summer vegetables
Quick vegetable main dishes 
Surprising uses for plants and flowers
10 Healing herbs and spices
Medicinal flowers
Aroma therapy


*shows up at ur door 10 years after we had an argument* aND ANOTHER THING


When your roommate uses a Lady Gaga song as an alarm clock



Duckling walking on some lily pads



so my brother was doing something weird in the front yard in his underwear???


and the next thing i know……


Do you live in a Sims game